SB3800 Mid 1980s TI-Raleigh Re-Paint Transfer Details

SBDU Ilkeston SB Frame Transfer Layout and Lug Detailing for TI-Raleigh Restorations (1974 – 1983)

SBDU frames and the TI colours have become hugely popular. More people are seeking to buy an SBDU frame and recreate the red black and yellow TI-Raleigh scheme. With this recent resurgence, sellers are looking to sell and buyers are readily buying. The demand for these frames is producing a seemingly never ending supply of TI painted frames. With so many looking to buy and then repaint, and so many looking to repaint and then sell, the amount of freshly painted frames I’ve seen recently by both buyers and sellers has spiralled. My concern based on what I’ve seen is that the detail of the SBDU TI scheme is in danger of being lost forever.

SB1688 1977 SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 531

1977 TI-Raleigh Team Pro SB1688 Reynolds 531 SBDU Ilkeston New Arrival

Frame number 12 of the current collection arrived! This is SB1688, a 56cm Reynolds 531 frame made in the middle to latter part of 1977.