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SBDU Ilkeston Special 753 Dynaflite SB4409 1981 (Reynolds 753 Fillet Brazed with Ovoid Tubing)

Wow, there are some rare frames, and then there is this one. The overwhelming reaction from most people is “Never seen one of those before…” Read More

SBDU Ilkeston SB4409 1981 753 Dynaflite – New Arrival

It’s not often I write a quick blog post, but this is just too exciting to wait for a full and detailed review – so here is a short teaser of what just landed in the workshop! This is a really amazing and rare SBDU frame – there will be more to write on this one in a little while, but for now, I’d like you to meet SB4409, a 1981 753 Dynaflite. Read More