TI-Reynolds Frame Weight – It’s Not an Exact Science

SB8945 SBDU Nottingham 753R 58cm Frame Weight

The search terms used by people who reach my blog are often connected to searching for information about the weight of a frame, specifically Reynolds 753 and Reynolds 531. So I thought I would write a little post to show the weight information I’ve collected on my own frames. I have frame weight data on several SBDU frames across a range of Reynolds tube sets. What I’ve found is that it isn’t simply a case of saying that every 57cm Reynolds 531 frame will weigh the same. Lots of factors influence frame weight.


SB7219 Ilkeston SBDU Raleigh Complete

Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU 531 Professional Complete Bike

Another complete bike! I’m getting through them, slowly but surely I’m turning frames into complete bikes.