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SB4059 Reynolds 753 TI-Raleigh Team Pro #Bike No.1 in the Collection

SB4059 TI-Raleigh Creda Sturmey Archer Sportif Toe Clips


SB4059 is a mid to late 1980 Team Pro 753 Road frame built with Reynolds 753 Metric Tubing. This is the frame that started the blog. My research into this frame formed the basis of the information I was sharing about the SBDU. It is built to a 1980/82 TI-Raleigh Team spec, both detailed by Gerald O’Donovan.

Blog Posts…

SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Seat Lug Thread Repair
I'm gradually working my way through the snagging list on SB4059, all those little jobs that I know about and ...
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SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 New Transfers Fitted Blog Header
It has been a long couple of days but I've finally completed this small and difficult project to bring SB4059 ...
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SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Frame Transfer Removal Masked Frame Painted Header
I think I must have been slightly bonkers to start this project but the desire to get SB4059 looking correct ...
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SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Transfer Removal
I wasn't planning to do this job today, it just happened. I'd been thinking for the past week about how ...
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SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Chainset Pedals and Bottle
It's just over six years since I fastened the first component to this frame and four or five years since ...
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  1. James F Keil

    I have a Raleigh team 753 campy sr – been in storage for years – good condition. What’s a bike like this worth.

    • Neil McGowran

      Hi James

      The prices for these bikes are up and down and just depends on how many people are actively searching for a bike in the size that you are offering. I think the last complete bike sold for just over £1000 but others struggle to reach between £500 and £700. Frame and Forks are much easier to sell than a complete bike but people don’t like splitting. Selling a frame gives the buyer an opportunity to build their own bike I guess. If you have any images then please send them though to

      Thank you

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