Gunter Haritz GH6175 1975 531 TI-Raleigh Team Track Frame

Günter Haritz 1975 TI-Raleigh Team Track Frame

GH 6 1 75

An SBDU frame with initials and a date!. This is a frame built for Günter Haritz which he used during the 1975 six day series of races. Before turning Professional in 1973, Günter won Gold at the 1972 Olympics and won World titles at the 1970 and 1973 World Championships. He joined TI-Raleigh in 1975 and raced with them for three seasons.

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SB632 1976 SBDU Ilkeston 753 Track Ends Stay Repair

SB632 Earliest Known SB Numbered Reynolds 753 Track Frame


SB632 is a very early 1976 Track frame built with Reynolds 753 Metric Tubing. This, as far as I am aware, is the earliest known SB numbered Reynolds 753 Track frame and was once owned by Beryl Burton.

This frame features classic period SBDU 753 frame features including drilled ends, flat but not oversized seat stay caps and an RGF BB shell.

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SH377T SBDU Reynolds 753 Pursuit Track Frame and Fork Complete

SH377T Steve Heffernan Pursuit Frame Imperial Tubed 753 with Detailed Capella Lugs and Drilled Bridges

SH.3.77 T

This is a Reynolds 753 Pursuit frame built for Steve Heffernan who was British Professional racing for Midlet-BSA in 1977. SH377T has some very detailed features such as the Capella lugs, Vagner crown and drilled square section brake and chain stay bridges.

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Jan Raas JR 1 78 T SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh Frame Number

Jan Raas 1978 Skol 6 Day Frame

JR.1.78 T

Those JR initials say it all. This is a frame built for Jan Raas which he used at the 1978 SKOL 6 day in London. He was riding with Gerrie Knetemann, who was the current world champion and was wearing the World Champion jersey. As they were teamed, Jan also wore the World Champion shirt. He went on to win the title himself in 1979.

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SB4059 TI-Raleigh Creda Sturmey Archer Sportif Toe Clips

SB4059 Reynolds 753 TI-Raleigh Team Pro #Bike No.1 in the Collection


SB4059 is a mid to late 1980 Team Pro 753 Road frame built with Reynolds 753 Metric Tubing. This is the frame that started the blog. My research into this frame is what started my sharing of the information I was finding out about the SBDU. It is built to a 1980/82 TI-Raleigh Team spec.

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SBDU Ilkeston 753 Dynaflite 1981 SB4409 753 Aero Tubing Original Transfers

SB4409 753 Dynaflite with Reynolds Ovoid Tubing (1 of only 25 Made)


SB4409 is a rare 1981 753 Dynaflite, a Time Trial frame built from a unique tubeset called Reynolds 753 Ovoid. Based on Metric 753 tubing but profiled into oval shapes with wafer thin seat stays. This frame is a beautiful example of fillet brazed 753 tubing and is one of maybe only 25 built by the SBDU.

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SB6398 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753R Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Build Complete Bike

SB6398 Reynolds 753R and Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary


SB6398 is a special bike and Road frame built with Reynolds 753R tubing. Not only does this have one of the coveted Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary groups, it was also ordered and built for a member of my old shop, Denton Cycles, the original owner’s initials are stamped on the BB, ‘HH’. SB6398 is in perfect original condition. All I have needed to do is replace bar tape, lever hoods and tubs.

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SB8868 SBDU Nottingham 753R Raleigh Banana Dura-Ace 7402

An Original SBDU Nottingham 1988 Raleigh Banana 753R with a Perfect Dura-Ace 7400 Series Group


A lovely Raleigh Banana in Reynolds 753R tubing dating to 1988. Another Nottingham SBDU frame. Like SB8851, this is a Services des Courses frame with a full set of Cinelli frame lugs, fork crown and BB shell. This is built with a Dura-Ace 7402/7401/7400 8 speed group set.

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SB6398 Reynolds 753R SBDU Ilkeston Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Group Fixed Cup


I have over 30 years experience with classic bikes but I specialise in the bikes built by the Specialist Bicycle Development Unit. That gives me a unique insight into how SBDU bikes should be restored…

My work is second to none, I strive for perfection.

Renovation, restoration or preservation… whatever you are planning, whatever the scope of your project, I’ll be happy to provide a quote to help bring your SBDU bike back to life.

This is one of a series of new projects that I’m planning, so please keep checking back here for updates or send an email to me at for more information.