My TI-Raleigh Specialist Bicycle Development Unit (SBDU) Collection

It started with my first SB numbered frame in December 2011, and it quickly moved to two then three then ten and so on. From just wanting to own a TI-Raleigh Team Pro 753, I now have a comprehensive collection of SBDU frames that display most of the frame types, frame tubing and design styles that were used at Ilkeston and Nottingham, the collection has even moved into Raleigh’s Special Products Division and Raleigh’s Carlton Worksop facility. There are still gaps and the searching has become specific to allow me to fill those gaps. However, if a good frame at a good deal comes along, it is difficult to say no!

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Within the collection of SBDU frames there are examples of Metric and Imperial Reynolds tubing. Reynolds 531 Double Butted, Reynolds 531SL, Reynolds 531c, Reynolds 531 Professional, Reynolds 753, Reynolds 753R, Reynolds 753T and Reynolds 753 Ovoid.

Frame features include Carlton Capella lugs, Prugnat 62, Prugnat S, Bocama and Cinelli. RGF bottom brackets, Haden, Cinelli SCM and CCM. Bottom Bracket designs including plain, 2 slot, 4 slot, top routed, bottom routed and with plastic Raleigh guides. Seat stays in single taper and double taper with fast back or side attached options. Seat stay caps topped with Scalloped ends, plain flat ends and the signature over size end, there are even miniature Raleigh badged end caps.

Fork crowns including Cinelli, Cinelli CC, SC and SCA, Vagner, Davis and Fischer with round, narrow oval and wide oval blades (Continental and New Continental).

Road, Track, Time Trial, Randonneur, Cyclo Cross, 650c Low Profile, 24″ Low Profile in Road and Track and even an SBDU ‘Special’ Dynaflite and a Motor Paced Stayer.

Frame ends including Campagnolo 1010, 1010/A, 1010/B, drilled and Campagnolo Portacatena, Campagnolo 1053, 1060, Shimano UFP-10 and Shimano SF Vertical.

Team frames from René PijnenGünter Haritz, Hennie Kuiper, Cees Priem and Jan Raas.

Many frames are in beautiful original condition and a couple of them are still to be ridden for the very first time.

My collection covers frames from 1968 at Raleigh/Carlton Worksop then 1974 at SBDU Ilkeston, through to the relocation to Nottingham and even SB numbered frames from 1992 produced by Raleigh’s Special Products Division. There is even a 40th anniversary 753 frameset.

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