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My TI-Raleigh SBDU Blog

I have written hundreds of posts about the SBDU, their frames and a few other random topics. Have a browse, scroll through the pages, click the links and have a read.

If you would like to ask a question simply hit the [Get in Touch] link in the menu.

TI40-192 40th Anniversary Frameset

40th Anniversary TI-Raleigh Geometry Check Against SBDU Data

There has been a bit of online chatter about the geometry of the new 40th Anniversary TI-Raleigh Reynolds 753 frame ...
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1978 SB2476 Reynolds 753 SBDU Time Trial Special

SBDU Time Trial Special SB2476 1978 Reynolds 753 New Arrival

This SBDU Time Trial Special will definately move straight into my featured frames section. My collection is full of significant ...
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TI40-192 Blog Header

Raleigh UK TI-Raleigh 40th Anniversary Reynolds 753 Frameset

The Raleigh UK TI-Raleigh 40th anniversary frameset has arrived! A few days after placing my order, the courier knocked on ...
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1974 SBDU SB9 Cleaned Details

1974 SBDU SB9 Assembly – Part One

1974 SBDU frames are incredibly rare, so SB9, which still has original paint and Campagnolo Super Record 1st generation components ...
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TI-Raleigh 1980 Team Bike Specification SBDU SB4059 Campagnolo Super Record

Joop Zoetemelk 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Bike Specification from SBDU

Joop Zoetemelk 1980 TI-Raleigh bike specification. I get asked about specification so many times. The most popular search terms I ...
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SBDU Paint Preservation SB9 My TI-Raleigh SBDU

SBDU Paint Preservation – SB9 1974 Cleaning the Original Paint

SBDU Paint Preservation is step one of the work I need to do following the earlier stripdown of SB9. I ...
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SB9 1st Gen Campagnolo Super Record Ready to Strip

1st Generation Campagnolo Super Record – SB9 Stripdown

1st Gen Super Record components on an original paint 1974 SBDU bike! Not just a 1974 SBDU bike, but also ...
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1974 Raleigh SBDU SB9 Frame Number

SBDU SB9 – Sharing Frame Numbers Across the Pond

SBDU SB9 has certainly sparked interest in the Raleigh community since it returned to the UK. And it is set ...
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1974 SBDU SB9

1974 Raleigh SBDU SB9 – New Arrival – Home From America

1974 Raleigh SBDU frames, there aren't too many, believed to be no more than 50. My thoughts on the use ...
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Handlebar Wrapping SB5422 Reynolds 753 SBDU Cable Setup

Handlebar Wrapping – Putting the Finishing Touches to SB5422 with New Cables and Bar Tape

Handlebar wrapping can be one of those bike building tasks you either love or hate. When it is done badly ...
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SB1995 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 Road Frame

Specialist Bicycle Development Dept – Original Letter Confirming My Research of SB1995

Specialist Bicycle Development Dept? Yes, more of that in a future post. But for now, it's all about SB1995, and ...
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Spoke Length Calculation App Data SB1861

Spoke Length Calculation – SB1861 Wheel Rebuild Step One

Spoke length calculation needn't be a black art! So many calculators have been produced meaning all you need are a ...
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50th Anniversary Super Record Bits and Pieces

50th Anniversary Super Record Bits and Pieces – SB5422 Gets a Few More Parts

Bolting a couple of derailleurs and other small parts to a frame is the easy stage of any bike build ...
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Campagnolo Super Record Headset and BB Fitted

Campagnolo Super Record Titanium Bottom Bracket and Headset – My SB5422 Build Continues

Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Group - that's what I'm working with again. But before I get to the shiny ...
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Frame Prep SB5422 Bottom Bracket Shell Faced

Frame Prep – Frame Facing and Fork Crown Race Cutting – My SB5422 Build Starts

Frame Prep! Any task requires prep. Great prep should be the foundation of everything you do, it will give you ...
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Carlton Capella 1977 Reynolds 753 SBDU Ilkeston

Carlton Capella Lugged Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 SB1625 – New Arrival

Carlton Capella lugs seem to be everywhere in my SBDU collection at the moment. They are always nice to have, ...
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Hennie Kuiper 1976 TDF Stage 4 Winner TI-Raleigh

TI-Raleigh Tour de France Hennie Kuiper HK276

"TI-Raleigh Tour de France!" It only really dawned on me the day after I bought it, but this bike could ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU 2019 Review

2020 is moving fast, it will soon be February. I've already added two frames since the New Year and I'm ...
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SB1038 Late 1976 Early 1977 Reynolds 531 SBDU Ilkeston Team Pro

Frame Preservation Required. A Bargain New Arrival with Issues and a Missing Fork. An Original SBDU Ilkeston Team Pro Under £100

One of my top collecting aims is to document and preserve the originality of SBDU frames, especially the TI-Raleigh scheme ...
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Hennie Kuiper HK276 1976 TI-Raleigh Road Frame

Hennie Kuiper (HK276) TI-Raleigh 1976 Team Road Frame – New Arrival

Hennie Kuiper! Yes, HK276 has arrived and sits in my collection right next to other TI-Raleigh riders such as Jan ...
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SBDU Nottingham SB8850 Reynolds 531c Stripdown

SBDU Nottingham Raleigh Track Champion SB8850 Reynolds 531c – Stripdown

I'm kicking off the New Year with the spanners and getting stuck into SB8850. Every bike I receive comes apart ...
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SB1861 Reynolds 531 1977 SBDU Ilkeston Road Bike Header

SBDU Ilkeston SB1861 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 531 – Moving Things On. Rebuild (Part Two)

SB1861, built at SBDU Ilkeston in late 1977 is back in the workstand, I need to get this bike completed ...
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MK5 Professional – Worksop Carlton Raleigh – 1981 Team Professional New Arrival

MK5 Professional? What's that all about? Yes, this is an unexpected step back into the area of Worksop frame production ...
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SBDU Frame Number Mystery – Solving a Puzzle

It's time to figure out the correct SBDU frame number for my frame stamped as SB4522. Is that number correct? ...
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Worksop Carlton Raleigh 1968 Raleigh C4619 948 Frame and Fork Drive Side

Worksop Carlton Raleigh – Giro D’Italia? Carlton BMB Team? MK 1 Raleigh Professional?

As if I don't already have enough projects. As if I don't already have enough plans to fulfil and enough ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU Collection

My TI-Raleigh Blog – What do I have planned for 2020

What do I have planned next year for My TI-Raleigh Blog? Tricky question as most things with me and my ...
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Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Super Record Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU Reynolds 753 Bike – New Arrival

This is probably the only bike that has had a pre-new arrival post. I wrote about this Campagnolo 50th Anniversary ...
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Raleigh SBDU Track Bike Reynolds 531c SBDU Nottingham Frame Number SB8850

Raleigh SBDU Track Bike SB8850 (Nottingham) Reynolds 531c – New Arrival

This was a quick decision, a moment of thought before pressing the button. It was a lovely Raleigh SBDU track ...
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Iscaselle Tornado – The Last Piece of the Puzzle for my Ilkeston SBDU Reynolds 753 TI-Raleigh Team Pro SB4059?

I often ask myself if this bike will ever be finished. Is it good that I think there is always ...
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Raleigh SBDU Frame Identification My TI Raleigh SBDU

Raleigh SBDU Frame Identification – Knowing Your Details and Identifying Frames

What happens when a frame looks like an SBDU build but you aren't too sure? A frame may have several ...
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Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston TI-Reynolds 753 Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Header

A Reynolds 753 Ilkeston Raleigh SBDU with Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Group – Built for Denton Cycles, But What’s the Frame Number

There is no doubt that this bike is fitted with a Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Group. There is also ...
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SB7393 1985 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 531 Professional

A MAVIC Build Update – SB7393 Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston 1985 Reynolds 531 Professional

SB7393 is a 1985 Reynolds 531 Professional SBDU bike that I picked up last year. Since then I've slowly been ...
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TI Raleigh UK Team Bike G4582 ‘D R’ Dave Rollinson 1972 MKIV Professional – New Arrival

I'm definately dipping my toes into the unknown with this one. This MK. IV Raleigh Professional frame is a break ...
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Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Time Trial Special 1982 SB5464 Shot in Stays

The SBDU Fast Back

Although an SBDU frame may be best known for the oversize seat stay cap design, it was the SBDU fast ...
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SBDU Ilkeston 753 Dynaflite 1981 SB4409 753 Aero Tubing Original Transfers

Featured Frames – The Pick of my TI-Raleigh SBDU Collection

Did you know I have a "Premier League" of frames within my SBDU collection? I call the lucky ones that ...
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TI-Raleigh Team Cees Priem CP179 Reynolds 753 Road Frame and Fork Blog Post Header

TI-Raleigh Team Cees Priem (CP.1.79) Reynolds 753 Road Frame – New Arrival

It's amazing what can happen in a matter of minutes. I had my feet up, relaxing on a Sunday morning, ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU Collection So Many Colours

My SBDU Collection… What’s Been Happening Recently?

It's always nice to sit down and have a think about where my SBDU collection is and to plan where ...
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SB4944 SBDU Ilkeston Team Reynolds 531SL

SB4944 1982 SBDU TI-Raleigh Reynolds 531SL Aero

An SBDU 531SL Aero frame? SB4944 was an impulse buy from quite some time ago. I saw it listed on ...
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SB2589 Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU 'Special' Reynolds 753 1978 Road Frame

SB2589 Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU ‘Special’ Reynolds 753 1978 Road Frame – New Arrival

I've bought a few frames from Hilary Stone over the years. He's been the source for some of my best ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU Forum Members Image Galleries

In a previous blog post I introduced the new TI-Raleigh SBDU forums which are part of a larger 'Community' project ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU SB3235 Reynolds 753 1979 Frame Header

SB3235 Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 1979 Road Frame – New Arrival

My site has taken over all of my spare time recently. I've been expanding it so I can let people ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU Community Forum (Profile)

A New TI-Raleigh SBDU Forum

I must be slightly mad for creating a TI-Raleigh SBDU Forum, this has the potential to really increase my blog ...
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SB1995 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 Seat Pins

Imperial Diameter Tubing Reynolds 753 Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston 1978 Road Frame SB1995 Seat Pin Size

My previous post turned up a couple of surprises about SB1995. The first, smaller surprise, was the owner's initials on ...
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SB1995 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 Frame Tubing

Metric Diameter Tubing? Reynolds 753 Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston 1978 Road Frame SB1995

"Never assume with the SBDU". That is a phrase I say a lot. It is a mantra I repeat when ...
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SB1995 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 Road Frame and Fork

Reynolds 753 Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston 1978 Road Frame SB1995 – Renovation Date

Recollections are a funny thing. Could you remember details or be precise about a specific date from maybe only a ...
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SB1995 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 Road Frame Fork Transfer

SB1995 Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 753 1978 Road Frame – New Arrival

It was a Thursday evening a couple of weeks ago, and as usual I was sitting in front of the ...
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My TI-Raleigh SBDU Collection

Sorting, Arranging, Displaying – Finally Seeing the Efforts of my SBDU Obsession

I've been collecting for years. I can go for what seems like a lifetime without a new addition while at ...
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SB1861 1977 SBDU Ilkeston Reynolds 531 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Restored Header

SB1861 1977 SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 531 – Back in the Workstand

A lot has happened since this bike last graced my workstand. I've just checked through my posts and I last ...
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SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Frame and Fork Super Record Chainset

For the Love of the SBDU. Building a Collection and Writing a Blog

I guess it's a passion... it didn't start out like this and I never intended it to be like this, ...
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SB518 SBDU Ilkeston 1976 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 531 Double Butted Frame and Fork

My TI-Raleigh SBDU 2019 Projects: SB518 1976 Reynolds 531 Road Frame

SB518 is the third frame I have lined up this year to be painted in the TI-Raleigh colours (it's nice ...
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