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Featured Frames

It is extremely difficult to select just a few bikes to showcase my collection, but I’ve done it, and these 20 are what I consider to be the best. I really could add more from the quality of my collection but I have to stop somewhere. Even some original and beautiful Reynolds 753 SB frames cannot nudge their way onto this page! 

A TI Raleigh UK team frame from 1972, an exceptional single digit SB numbered frame, a 1975 track frame from an Olympic, World and National Champion, a Jan le Grand built Stayer, TI-Raleigh’s first ever TDF stage winning bike ridden by reigning World Road Champion Hennie Kuiper, the earliest SB numbered 753 track frame, an SBDU show frame in original condition, a beautifully detailed 753 track pursuit frame, a frame ridden by Jan Raas, a remarkable unridden and genuine SBDU renovation, an amazing example of a 1970s Time Trial bike, a beautifully different 753 frame built for a friend of GvO’D, a TI-Raleigh team frame of Cees Priem, my own SB4059 (the bike which started my blogging), a rare Dynaflite with 753 Ovoid tubing, not one but two beautiful and original 753R bikes with Campagnolo’s Super Record 50th Anniversary group, an unridden 1984 531c SB road bike, an unridden 1987 low profile time trial frame and an original Nottingham SBDU 753R Banana with perfect Dura-Ace 7400. Each one is special and has amazing individual significance.

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