TI-Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Randonneur Reynolds 753 Details

TI-Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Randonneur Reynolds 753 SB7657 1985

I’ve wanted to put this bike together for a while, often changing plans and ideas of how I was going to build it.

Denton Cycles 753 Ilkeston SBDU Chris King Headset Fitting (Campagnolo Tools)

Denton Cycles Raleigh Ilkeston SB7657 Chris King Headset Fitting

It’s been a while, spare time has been tight, but I finally got some time today to fit this Chris King 2Nut headset.

Denton Cycles Commissioned Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU 753 Randonneur SB7657 1985 Seatpin

Denton Cycles Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU SB7657 Cleanup

Anything that is stuck or seized in a frame is bad news. It is even more bad news when the wall thickness of the frame tubing is extremely thin. Reynolds 753 tubing of this type has a wall thickness less than 1mm.