SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 TEAM RALEIGH Transfer Replacement

SB4059 1980 SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Replacement Frame Transfers

Following the change of cables on SB4059 there is now only one thing that I need to do, one more thing to sort out, one more thing that has bugged me the most about this build over the last couple of years. The one thing I’m talking about just happens to be SB4059 itself! Yes, the frame that all the bits hang from.

SB4059 1980 TI-Raleigh Reynolds 753 Team Pro Campagnolo Super Record Brakeset

SB4059 1980 SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh Team Pro Reynolds 753 Replacement Brake Cables

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about this bike. SB4059 is my original bike, number #1 in the collection, the bike that started the blog and the search for SBDU knowledge! One day I hope to say SB4059 is finally finished and today, it takes one step closer.

SBDU Ilkeston TI-Raleigh 1980 Metric Reynolds 753 Seatpin Size

SBDU Ilkeston Metric Reynolds 753 Seat Pin Size – The Truth

There are many stories about the SBDU and even more about Reynolds 753 tubing. Most of these stories travel the internet, changing and evolving each time they are told. Something as simple as which seat pin size should fit a 753 frame is one of those stories. It causes the most confusion and creates some of the longest discussions whenever it is raised. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what is right; few ever seem to agree. My latest addition, SB3800, means that I may now have a couple of frames that could finally settle the seat pin debate.

SB4059 TI-Raleigh Creda Sturmey Archer Sportif Toe Clips

TI-Raleigh Creda Sturmey Archer Sportif Toe Clips SBDU Ilkeston Team Pro 753 SB4059

Is SB4059 ever going to be finished? The answer is probably no, but today I took another step closer when another piece of the puzzle slotted into place. I’ve had various sets of toe clips over the last 5 years but they have never been the period correct item. Period correct is what I am striving for with this build. 

TI-Raleigh 1980 Team Bike Specification SBDU SB4059 Campagnolo Super Record

TI-Raleigh Joop Zoetemelk Team Bike Specification from SBDU

I’m frequently asked about the specification of TI-Raleigh’s team bikes. The most popular search terms I see on my blog stats and the most viewed blog posts relate to ‘specifications’. However, the question about specification isn’t an easy question to answer by any means! Professional teams, not just TI-Raleigh, had a range of kit they would use. Each race was different and each stage of each race was different. Different gear ratios were used, different derailleurs, different rims, different tubs, depending on the road surface, conditions and stage type. Each rider was also different. So how do you answer that question when there are so many variables?

SB4059 Team Pro 753 Wheel Rebuild SBDU TI-Raleigh Lacing Prep

TI-Raleigh Team Specification Berg Union Spokes SB4059 SBDU Team Pro 753 1980 Wheel Rebuild

This post gives me the opportunity to play with my favourite bike, my Team Pro 753 TI-Raleigh. I’ve built this bike as close to the only specification I’ve ever seen for the TI-Raleigh team. Hunting down the perfect quality parts has been an obsession for over 4 years. Last year I got to approx 95% of that team spec after I found some Sturmey Archer toe clips and straps. I think most people would be happy with that, but in the back of my mind, my OCD was shouting at me to finish the quest for 100% perfection. 

TA and Contrex Tour de France TI-Raleigh SBDU SB4059 Bottle and Cage Fitted

A Little Bit of Detail from the Tour de France Specialites TA Contrex Feed Station Bidon

Some things I set myself up to find for my bikes are extremely rare! Patience, and keeping one eye constantly on the internet, is the only way to secure these hard to find parts.

My TI-Raleigh SBDU SB4059 Facebook Featured Blog Image

My TI-Raleigh SB4059 is now on Facebook

I now have a Facebook page! It’s just here… My TI-Raleigh SBDU I’m actually calling myself a blogger.

I think about and see lots of stuff I’d like to blog about but sometimes just don’t have the time to write anything; so I thought why not create a Facebook page?

TI-Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston SB4059 Team Pro 753 Right Lever

SB4059 1980 SBDU Ilkeston TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 It’s All In The Details

One thing I’ve tried to combine with my blog is a comprehensive photographic record. I try to capture each build or every workshop task with the best photography I can do.

SB4059 TI-Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Team Pro 753 Sturmey Archer Clips

SB4059 1980 SBDU Ilkeston TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 Revisited and Updated

It’s been 18 month since I claimed to have finished this build and posted the complete bike post and build specification. With most things however, nothing is ever finished.