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Track 531 JR178T (Jan Raas) (1978)

Jan Raas TI-Raleigh SBDU Track Bike JR178T 1978 Frame Size

Of all the frames in my SBDU collection, this Track frame is by far the most fascinating and prized. An actual frame once ridden by Jan Raas. Raas was one of, if not the most famous rider to be part of TI-Raleigh. There is too much about him and his successes to list in this post, just have a look at his Wikipedia page to see what I mean. Read More

1982 Raleigh Catalogue Featuring Jan Raas Track Frame JR178T from SBDU Ilkeston

While I was trawling through the multitude of sites on the Internet related to Raleigh literature, I found this catalogue. I believe it is from 1982. I know, I lead an exciting life!! Read More

Jan Raas TI-Raleigh Professional Team Track Frame Reynolds 531 1978 JR178T

When you think about the TI-Raleigh team and the riders that rode for it, most people probably come out with a few names. Joop Zoetemelk is one, for his 1980 Tour win; the next name could well be Jan RaasRead More