Raleigh Ilkeston SBDU 531 Professional Complete Bike

SB7219 Ilkeston SBDU Raleigh Complete

Another complete bike! I’m getting through them, slowly but surely I’m turning frames into complete bikes.

TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 Campagnolo End Adjusters, Steel Gear Casing, Freewheel & Chain

TI Raleigh Team Pro 753 1980 SB4059 Build Specification

I’ve just realised that I have never detailed the build of this bike. I tried my best to recreate a build specification that was sent by Gerald O’Donovan to a customer in 1982.

Raleigh TI Rear Mech

December 2011 – Easter 2012

This may be a lengthy post but I want to recap of what’s happened so far in my project to put together my Raleigh TI Team frame. It’s been a long 5 months since I bought this frame and that’s meant 5 long and slow months of wanting to get as much of the renovation done as possible but with 2 major obstacles.