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Collecting, Building, Documenting and Photographing Beautiful SBDU Bikes

TI-Raleigh scheme

SBDU frames and the TI colours have become hugely popular. The demand is producing a steady supply of TI painted frames. With so many looking to buy and then repaint, and so many looking to repaint and then sell, the amount of freshly painted frames I’ve seen recently has spiralled. My concern based on what I’ve seen is that the detail of the SBDU TI scheme is in danger of being lost forever.

The TI colours didn’t just last for a couple of years, it was in use as the current “Team” colours from the early 1970s, right up to the end of 1983 when the team colours changed to Panasonic. The longevity and success of the team are probably the reason it appeals to so many. Unfortunately, there are only a few examples of original paint SB numbered frames with original transfers remaining, and the rush to renovate with new glossy red paint means that the dwindling pool of originality is in danger of extinction.

SBDU Frame Details

I think the most searched terms on my blog are related to information about SBDU frame details, frame age or frame tubing. So it is just as well I have plenty of information available. Here are a selection of blog posts you need to read related to details and dates.

I’ve started to write a series of blog posts that document different SBDU frame details that existed over the life span of the unit. At the moment these include the different types of frame and fork ends and seat stay types together with their seat stay caps There are also little known changes such as gear lever positioning. All of these details can help to identify and date an SB frame.

Reynolds Tubing

TI-Raleigh & TI-Reynolds… both names linked by the ‘TI’ of Tube Investments. The SBDU built with Reynolds tubing and they also worked with Reynolds to develop the legendary Reynolds 753. As a consequence, just about every post you will read on this site will include some reference or fact about Reynolds Tubing.

I clearly write a lot about Reynolds tubing, it’s and unavoidable topic when writing about the SBDU. But sometimes I write more generally and cover topics about how the SBDU used this tubing in the frames that they built.

my collection

It started with my first SB numbered frame in December 2011, and it quickly moved to two then three then ten and so on. From just wanting to own a TI-Raleigh Team Pro 753, I now have a comprehensive collection of SBDU frames that display most of the frame types, frame tubing and design styles that were used at Ilkeston and Nottingham, the collection has even moved into Raleigh’s Special Products Division.

There are still gaps and the searching has become specific to allow me to fill those gaps. However, if a good frame at a good deal comes along, it is difficult to say no!

"Another great post. I love this blog. Would love to see these frames. They are beautiful and just a great place in time."
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"There seems to be a upsurge in interest in top-end Raleigh bikes, leading to some incorrect or misleading information about SBDU bikes on the internet. Thankfully we can all use your blog as a yardstick to gain the correct details."
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About My TI-Raleigh SBDU

Thousands of people all over the globe have used these pages to research their own projects. So if you want to know more about Reynolds 753, SBDU frame details, the TI-Raleigh scheme or anything related to these beautiful bikes then you should definately read through these pages.

Trying to make sense and research and write about a workshop, the frames and the set of guys who built those frames is a big task. In fact it is a massive task! They only existed under the same roof in Ilkeston for a little over a decade, and for those few years, they designed and built bikes that beat the world over and over and they became the team behind the team – that team was the most successful team in professional cycling.

That success for TI-Raleigh has brought lots of information onto the internet, and I’ve given myself the job of sifting that information into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The ‘Good’ pile never seems to grow as much as the other 2! However, whatever does make it into the good pile is the stuff I like to write about and share. Hopefully what I find and share helps those with their own SBDU bikes…

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